We're bonded and insured for your peace-of-mind... but more importantly, we're certified cat lovers! 

Our cat-sitting services come in 30 minute blocks (most people opt for 1-2 visits per day, depending on how long they're going to be away) and include...

  • feeding & water-freshening
  • playing and lots of cuddling (depending on cat's individual personality of course)
  • litter box scooping
  • bringing in the mail
  • watering plants (up to 10 minutes of watering - large gardens may incur a surcharge)
  • taking out the garbage
  • light grooming (brushing and nail trimming)
  • administering medication (oral or topical, no sub-dermal)


Cat-sitting rates (up to 4 cats)

  • 1 visit per day is $15
  • $10 per extra visit per day (ie. 2 visits is $25)
  • In-home care is $50 per night (6pm to 10am)